21-23 oct. 2019 Paris, France (France)


High latitudes of the northern hemisphere and particularly Siberia play a key role in the Earth system
across multiple couplings between climate, biogeochemical cycles, environment, glacial processes and hydrology. Siberia is a particular hot spot of these interactions. Furthermore, human activities also exert a strong impact with the exploration of oil and gas, forest exploitation, agriculture and other uses of natural resources. Here, humans and the perturbed natural systems are part of numerous interactions that require better understanding.
Recently, several French-Russian collaborations have launched and completed original research programs to address these questions. The present workshop aims to be a lively place for further developing such bilateral collaborations, and to exchange on recent scientific findings across disciplines. We will resume the collective discussion of French Russian scientific collaborations in the perimeter of environmental sciences (in a very wide sense), identify current topics, foster and enhance collaborations, and finally increase the potential for interdisciplinary research beyond environmental sciences, especially toward humanities.

Topics of the workshop : climatic change, pollution, ecosystems changes, biogeochemistry, permafrost, environmental chemistry, aquatic/coastal/marine research, geography, risk assessment/perception, modelling and observations, international initiatives...

Working language: English

Date: 21-23 october 2019,3 days, noon-to-noon.

Location: CIUP, 17 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris, France (Maison Principale, Salle: David Weill)

Format: Plenary topicalsessions, consisting of short presentations by keynote speakers, submitted oralsand roundtable discussions.

Abstract submission deadline: 15/09/2019

Registration deadline: 30/09/2019. Participation is free of charge.

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